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New Releases in Eden. Made with SUPESU Satin.

Funk It Up & Shine Bright In Comfort.

Scrunchie 3-Pack ~ Zesty Lime

Get creatively colorful with SUPESU's Scrunchie Fun Packs.

The Zesty Lime Scrunchie 3-Pack includes:
- 1 Green Polka Scrunchie
- 1 Magnetic Glow Scrunchie
- 1 Lime Twist Scrunchie

Each Scrunchie 3-pack arrives in the beautiful Limited Edition Hanagara Pouch. Japanese Floral Printed. Reusable. Made with SUPESU Satin.

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~ That Scrunchie Vibe ~

Easy Styling

Day-to-Night Fun

Zesty Lime Fun Pack 

Add a bold highlight or a subdued accent to your dress code with our Scrunchie Fun Packs. Great for ponytails, wrists, and ankles. Perfect for creative dressers.

Zesty Lime Fun Pack:

* Green Polka *
~ Magnetic Glow ~
* Lime Twist *

*Limited Edition* Hanagara Floral Print

Scrunchie 3-Packs arrive in the *Limited Edition* Hanagara Pouch, a reusable 
accessories pouch with a gorgeous Japanese floral print. Best of all, it's made with SUPESU Satin.

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