Simply Soft* Unisex, Long Sleeve Tee - Gray - SUPESU


New Releases in Eden. Made with SUPESU Satin.

Funk It Up & Shine Bright In Comfort.

Simply Soft* Unisex, Long Sleeve Tee - Gray

So simple, so soft… and now GENDERLESS!

Made with the most quality material (Simply Soft* fabric) for the perfect softness and stretch. This long sleeve will easily become a basic staple for anyone’s wardrobe. Mix and match with different sizing & colors for your preferred look and fit.

The shape is designed to fit both men and women.  Women who are looking for the loose and chic, while men are looking for casual fitted. 

Check our size chart below for the right size for you! 

Size: S

Our sizes tend to run small, please check your size on our dedicated sizing chart below.
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Designed for Comfort.

Easy Styling


Consciously Designed

Unisex Fit

Simply, Soft :)

Unisex, supersmooth and classic.

Now available 3 colors. So soft you need to feel it☼

Style: SIMPLY SOFT Unisex T-shirt
Fabric: 73% Polyester 18% Lyocell 9% Spandex

Model • Her : 5'8, wearing S
Model • Him: 6'2, wearing L

Wash & Care: Wash with cold water only. Wash with like-colors in a light load, Put in the dryer and skip the iron. 

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Oeko-Tex Standard Certified

No harmful substances / comfortably safe

Ladies, let's talk styling.

Our Unisex T-shirt is best suited for ... 

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