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Hana Wrap Dress
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Puff Sleeve

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A clean, modern take of the classic puff sleeve dress.   Where a Japanese minimalist floral print meets a classic French silhouette for the ultimate elegant look.  Our HANA Wrap Dress is a versatile creative fashion piece that can be tied in 3 different ways.   Best paired with a rich glass of red or white wine.

Choose your size with care.

Model is 5'10, wearing size M.

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Day-Night Wear

Puffy Sleeves

Sprinkled in Sakura

A creative fashion piece with anti-wrinkle properties. 

The perfect fall transitioner that can be tied in 3 ways.  Best layered with a jean or leather jacket, casual cardigan. Pair with gladiator sandals, black booties, or casual white kicks. 

Style: Deep V Midi Dress, Puff Sleeve Dress, Wrap Dress
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Model: 5'10, wearing S
Wash & Care: Wash with like-colors, cold water. Put in the dryer and skip the iron. Dry with fabric softener.

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