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New Releases in Eden. Made with SUPESU Satin.

Funk It Up & Shine Bright In Comfort.

SHINE Satin Jogger - Classic Black

Constructed, stylish, with a bit of DAZZLE.

Jogger-style satin pants for the most effortlessly street chic look. Perfect for the upcoming autumn winter season.  

Sporting a 360 degree elastic waistband, our SHINE Joggers is made from a smooth, durable and weighted satin fabric that's elegantly industrial. 

These street chic joggers are designed with a finely sewn vertical line down the front leg for a tailored touch of refinement (and it also works to elongate your body shape ☺ ). 

Topped with a hand-sewn golden trinket, our SHINE Satin Joggers are a well balanced mix of street chic comfort and tailored elegance.

Size: S

Our sizes tend to run small, please check your size on our dedicated sizing chart below.
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Designed for Comfort.

Modern Cut


Silky Smooth

Hello Waistline!

Soft, Smooth.

Versatile across occasions: at the comfort of your home, work, casual rendezvous, shopping, or your first vacation of the season ☼

Style: SHINE High-Waisted Satin Joggers with a Tailored Touch.
Fabric: 93% Polyester 7% Spandex

Model A: 5'8, wearing M
Model B: 5'10-, wearing M

Wash & Care: Wash with like-colors, cold water. Put in the dryer and skip the iron. Dry with fabric softener.

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Oeko-Tex Standard Certified

No harmful substances / comfortably safe

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